Big Mountain Drugs is a verified Canadian Pharmacy located in British Columbia, Canada. It’s been operating since 2008 and all of its medicines can be ordered from its website This pharmacy has acquired different accreditations over time. According to its website, it is verified by Pharmacy Checker, which is an online pharmacy verification program in North America. It is also accredited by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), a group of licensed retail pharmacies in Canada that regulates strict pharmacy standards. To learn more about this Big Mountain Drugs an alternative to Planet Drugs Direct, here’s a quick review we got for you.


In terms of legality, Big Mountain Drugs is supported and approved by two large associations–the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) and Based on the verifications of these two regulators, buying medicines from this pharmacy is fine. The company can sell its medicines legally. Under the Canadian authorities, it can operate under the license no #18985.

But, the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) does not agree with the two associations above. This regulator doesn’t recommend the company because it believes that the company is linked to a non-compliant mirror website. This is listed as one of the websites customers should avoid.

Prescription Requirement

Before you can buy your medicines from Big Mountain Drugs, prescription requirements are needed. The company is strict in terms of prescription medication purchases. Every customer is asked to submit their valid prescription in order to buy RX medicines. The submission can be done online by sending to the company’s email or uploading it on its website. Customers can also fax a copy.

Pricing and Discounts

Compared to other local pharmacies, Big Mountain Drugs is offering medicines of different brands at 50-90% below the normal price. It’s actually a big discount and more preferable for customers who are looking for more affordable medicines they can buy locally. Note that the majority of medicines offered by the company are generic, which justifies the discount you can get when you avail from them. They also provide coupon codes to customers who plan to order from their website.


The pharmacy has a variety of medications available to customers. Even medications for pets can be bought from them. Most of its products are manufactured in Israel and India. Although the majority of the medications are generic, there are branded products as well but they are limited in number. Big Mountain Drugs is known to own several warehouses located in India, New Zealand, Canada, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Mauritius, and Singapore.

Online Ordering

Big Mountain Drugs also offers convenient online ordering. You can browse the medicines you want to buy on their website. Payments and shipments can be easily arranged online too. After their doctors and pharmacies approve your prescription, you can then check out the medicines and pay via Visa, Mastercard, International Money Orders, or Personal Checks. With a flat shipping rate of $10 per order, your medicines will come door-to-door after 10 to 18 days. They ship in Canada and other selected countries.

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