Also known as tadalafil, Cialis is a drug mostly used for erectile dysfunction and can be compared to other drugs that achieve the same purpose. The drug has other brands that are used to treat other conditions like hypertension, and women can also use those. The drug can be bought over the counter, including from an online pharmacy, but it’s always a good idea to ask for a prescription from a doctor before you use it.

How it works

Erectile dysfunction usually happens when blood doesn’t flow into the penis. During arousal, the blood vessels that lead to the penis are supposed to dilate to allow more blood flow to make the penis stiffer. The blood has to stay on the penis for a while to let the erection to go on. During this time, nitric oxide is released into the penis to control the contraction and dilation of those blood vessels. Nitric oxide contains cGMP, which is the element that guaranteed dilation as long as needed. It works together with PDE5, which is essential in preventing injuries that can result from prolonged erection. PDE5 dilutes cGMP, and that results in the blood vessels contracting, reducing the penis to its normal size. Cialis prevents the PED5 from countering cGMP, which leads to more blood flow and erection for longer.


You can get this drug from any Canadian pharmacy if you have problems with your erection, but you have to be careful and talk to a professional before you start its use. For example, Planet Drugs Direct, Pharmacy King, Pricepro Pharmacy, Big Mountain Drugs, Make sure you follow the directions issued by the doctor and don’t use the drug more than once within 24 hours. Cialis can stay in your bloodstream for up to 24 hours, so taking another drug within that period could lead to overdosage. It’s important to remember that the drug will only work when you’re aroused, so you have to be sexually stimulated. It’s also advisable to start with a smaller dosage then increase depending on your reaction to that first dose.


Like other drugs, Cialis has benefits and demerits. One of the benefits is its effectiveness. It can give you an erection to last for as long as you want during sex and has never been known to fail.

Unlike other drugs like Viagra that require you to arrange when to have sex, this drug can be taken within 24 hours, but it has to be the tablets with reduced strength to eliminate any chances of overdose.

Apart from erectile dysfunction, Cialis can also be taken in other forms to treat other conditions. For instance, Adcirca is another form of Cialis that can be used to treat Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension in both males and females. If you intend to use the drug for other conditions different from erection problems, then you have to ensure you get the right version.

Side effects

Side effects include headaches, muscle pain or joint pain, reduced blood pressure, and nasal congestion. Some users have also reported having back pain and flushing after using the drug. Uncommon side effects include painful erections that last longer, loss of hearing, and conjunctivitis.

Cialis should not be used together with other drugs or taken by people with heart conditions, blood disorders, and kidney problems.